January 11, 2013

WC 2014 Qualifiers (CONCACAF)

WC 2014 Qualifiers
CONCACAF Final Round  (day 1)
06 February 2013

Appointed referees : 

Mexico vs. Jamaica
Referee :  Mark Geiger (USA)
Asst referee: Mark Hurd (USA)
Asst referee: Joseph Fletcher (Canada)
4th official: Baldomero Toledo (USA)

Panama vs. Costa Rica
Referee :   Francisco Chacón (Mexico)
Asst referee:  Marvin Torrentera (Mexico)
Asst referee:  Marcos Quintero (Mexico)
4th official: Ricardo Arellano (Mexico)

Honduras  vs USA
Referee :   Walter Quesada  (Costa Rica)
Asst referee:  Leonel Leal (Costa Rica)
Asst referee:  Octavio Jara (Costa Rica)
4th official: Jefrey Solís (Costa Rica)

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  1. If you have sources within CONCACAF, could you find out who are the new members of the CONCACAF Referees Committee, after last year's departure of Warner and Austin?