June 24, 2013

2013 CAF Champions League (Group stage) - Referees appointed for Day 1 & 2

CAF has just announced the referee teams selected to officiate during the upcoming 

Day 1 & Day 2 of the 2013 CAF Champions League Group stage .

Day 1

20 July 2013
Orlando Pirates (South Africa) vs. AC Léopards (Congo)
Referee : Seechurn Rajindrapasad (Mauritius)
Assistant referee : Bootun Balkrishna(Mauritius)
Assistant referee : Swanber Vinesh (Mauritius)
4th Official : Nunkoo Parmendra (Mauritius)
Commissioner: John Muinjo (Namibia)
General Coordinator: Nicholas Musonye (Kenya)

21 July 2013
Zamalek (Egypt) vs. El Ahly (Egypt)
Referee : Alioum Neant (Cameroun)
Assistant referee : Evariste Menkouande(Cameroun)
Assistant referee : Peter Edibi (Nigeria)
4th Official : Mouandjo Kalla Henry (Cameroun)
Commissioner & Security Officer: Solomon Ogba (Nigeria)
General Coordinator: Khaled Lemkacher (Tunisia)

20 July 2013
Coton Sport (Cameroun) vs. Séwé Sport ( Côte d'Ivoire)
Referee : Otogo Castane Eric (Gabon)
Assistant referee : Vinga Theophile (Gabon)
Assistant referee : Obamba David (Gabon)
4th Official : Woungui Antsaraga (Gabon)
Commissioner: Jean Didier Masamba Malunga (RD Congo)
General Coordinator: Alex Asante (Ghana)

21 July 2013
Recreativo Do Libolo (Angola) vs. E.S.T (Tunisia)
Referee : Janny Sikazwe (Zambia)
Assistant referee : Francis Siskekanu (Zambia)
Assistant referee : Chiyowu Sinyangwe(Zambia)
4th Official : Stanley Hachiwa(Zambia)
Commissioner: Maxwell Mtonga (Malawi)
General Coordinator: Karen Ostenberger (South Africa)


Day 2

4 August 2013
AC Léopards (Congo) vs. Zamalek (Egypt)
Referee : Hamada Nampiandraza (Madagascar)
Assistant referee : Djaonirina Jean (Madagascar)
Assistant referee : Rambeloson Basile (Madagascar)
4th Official : Jaounona Seth (Madagascar)
Commissioner: Me Roger Ouegnin (Cote d’Ivoire)
General Coordinator: Abel Mbengue (Cameroun)

4 August 2013
El Ahly (Egypt) vs. Orlando Pirates (South Africa)
Referee : Benouza Mohamed (Algeria)
Assistant referee : Meknous M Brahim Amine (Algeria)
Assistant referee : Bitam Mahmond M (Algeria)
4th Official : Bichari Mohamed(Algeria)
Commissioner: Abd El Hakim El Shelmani (Libya)
General Coordinator: Anthony Baffoe (Ghana)
3 August 2013
Séwé Sport ( Côte d'Ivoire) vs. Recreativo Do Libolo (Angola)
Referee : El Ahrach Bouchaib (Morocco)
Assistant referee : Bekkali Mimoun (Morocco)
Assistant referee : El Mehraji Abdelaziz (Morocco)
4th Official : Mabrouk Mounir (Morocco)
Commissioner: Ndoye Mbaye (Senegal)
General Coordinator: Paul Bassey (Nigeria)

3 August 2013
E.S.T (Tunisia) vs. Coton Sport (Cameroun)
Referee : Grisha Gehad (Egypt)
Assistant referee : Hassan Sherif S.A (Egypt)
Assistant referee : Ado El Sadat B Tahesen (Egypt)
4th Official : Omar Fahim (Egypt)
Commissioner: Belaid Lacarne (Algeria)
General Coordinator: Samson Adamu (Nigeria)

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